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sketchy_doodle's Journal

Sketchy and Doodle
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Hi hi!

Just another random art community formed in hopes of bringing artists together and showing off their great art.

As of now, posting access is members only and you can only become a member when granted access by one of the mods. If you're wanting to become a member, please submit the following to my email
mad cat _ 08 @ hotmail.com

1) Name
2) Status (student, working, whatever)
3) Three pieces of your best art no larger then 200 kb each

Before you join, post, comment...


* Try and keep the images to a relative size. I think 500 width/height is pretty decent. Don't forget you could always make it a link to a large image as well.
* Keep it on topic; Its rough when you break up with your loved one or its great you got that new car...you should post about that stuff in your own journal. Try and post art related stuff
* Don't be nasty. I live by the rule, if you don't have anything productive to say, you shouldn't say it.
* NO LJ QUIZES!! They're annoying...again, keep them to your own lj
* If posting more then one image, use a cut. Makes it easier on those who use the friends page to keep current.

I guess thats about it.

Looking for some place that will host your images for free? I looked it up and found Onfinite, A Free Image Host, Image Hosting.US and The Image Hosting. I have no idea if they're any good...but, hey, they're free!!!