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Sketchy and Doodle

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9/15/05 08:14 am - zettaichan - Animals

Animal sketchydoodles!

Slug Trek

MoreCollapse )

9/8/05 12:32 pm - zettaichan - Join illofriday!

Illustration Friday is an online drawing challenge. Weekly topics are beautifully illustrated by a wide range of artists.

If you participate in Illustration Friday, now there's a Livejournal community to share your work! Join illofriday to post your illustrations and check out work by fellow Illustration Friday artists.

Anyone is free to join, regardless of skill or experience - just draw!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

7/7/05 09:42 am - madcat_08 - Long time, no post

and heres what I've been doing in the past couple weeks.

Yeah for drawingCollapse )

5/25/05 01:06 pm - myinsidestory

Please check out this community, it is all about writing, drawing and sharing.


3/14/05 03:13 pm - madcat_08 - It seemed relevent

Could it mean jobs?

Goodbye Eisner

3/8/05 06:04 pm - menzoberran - Poster Drawing sketch

Sketch of one of my film characters for the poster. Still working on it, legs need to be rebalanced. Any suggestions much appreciated.
I dont feel like figuring out linking.

Oh yeah and he does do this in the film, he also gets killed about 10 seconds later.

3/5/05 02:57 pm - shiseido

Allo all! :)

This is Jenn Kerr... I've decided to join your little community. :) I know most of you, so I guess it's okay. :P

I'll just put on something random since I haven't drawn anything recently.

Angel BoyCollapse )

3/4/05 01:46 am - dropkickcrazy

If you want a flower, here's a piccie for ya...:
Aww...nice...Collapse )

Then again...if you need something jammed in a toaster...:
The only good thing about this is that he's not using your cutleryCollapse )

2/17/05 12:32 am - dropkickcrazy

Honestly, I really just wanted to draw a picture of Squirtle driving a Shelby Cobra.

1/22/05 02:43 am - dropkickcrazy - No ticket!

I'm on some sort of Indiana Jones kick right now (although my real name is almost synonymous with Indy anyway), so I drew this picture from the Temple of Doom. He soulda brought his gun this time around...

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