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Sketchy and Doodle

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1/20/05 01:06 am - menzoberran - Metal halls are nice

A quicky render of the basic corridor design for my film. The lighting is awful and its not even close to being done, but its a doodle and thats what counts. The final will be much nicer. 45 minutes and incredibly little patience :)


1/17/05 07:03 pm - evilrocketcat

I had a compulsive need to not-listen in Computerclass today.


1/12/05 07:38 pm - excess_depress - Worst (first) Sketchy Doodle Comic ever!

Ok, so I am editing this old entry to say...
I'm putting ALL my works here, so's I don't take up lots of space. I will add stuff every day or other day, so check in the comment section for new art, which will come in at a rapid rate. It is all pixel art for now because my scanner is crazy. Enjoy!

1/11/05 09:01 pm - excess_depress

Ah, hello. I am glad to join your fine establishment, you all look like very awsome people and I look forward to giving and taking helpful criticism and learning from one another, yadda yadda. Here's something I drew on MSpaint(yeah, you heard me! I've tamed the beast!) Note that my representative icon says sketchy doodle on it. It is and has been the name of my comic for a while now, before the days of live journal, even though I technically haven't made a comic yet (D'oh!)
Anywho, took it as a good omen and joined. This isn't incredibly sketchy or doodle-ey, but some of the stuff here looks pretty dang polished. So here you go! Sort of comic concept art. Beware, I warn you it is slightly morbid, and if anyone attests to it's presence here at sketchy-doodle, I will delete my post as soon as possible. Just checking. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v33/noratheunicorn/sc-morbid.png (errrr, and should I cut this down? too big?)

1/6/05 09:29 am - little_teacup

Drew this during our first class yesterday, then colored it when I got home:

1/5/05 10:04 pm - dropkickcrazy

I'm just curious...I didn't invite myself to a personal, friends only kinda community, did I?
If I did, I'm sorry. But if I can stay, should I introduce myself or something?
In the mean time, here's a pic of Strongbad riding a lawnmower over the couch.

1/2/05 09:45 pm - madcat_08 - one more idea

For another comic, but I think I'll have more fun with the other one.

Maybe I'll save it for another day

1/2/05 09:39 pm - madcat_08 - Ideas for a comic

Now I have many; some I even draw for and if I'm really feeling ambitious, I'll even write a story out.

I hope I can follow through with this one.
There was this detective...Collapse )

1/2/05 09:35 pm - madcat_08 - Sketches from the break

I wasn't able to draw as much as I wanted to, but here are some sketches from what I call the people book (based on people I see through out the day or a magazine or photo that I find inspiring or appealing).

moreCollapse )

1/2/05 01:35 pm - little_teacup - Website in a hurry!

Thanks to Vera, I managed to grab onto a pretty neat webhosting and domain deal that DreamHost was holding on for December, so now I have no choice but to (finally) make myself a website! ;)

Anyhoo, I've come up with this template design so far, and was wondering what you guys think (in regards of tweaking and so on). I think I'm going to keep it pretty uniform through the website, having all the text and/or thumbnails on the napkin.

I dug out an old copy of Dreamweaver that I got from a cousin a looong while back, but I never got around to using it. I hope it's user-friendly. =P

And I hope I can get it up before the reeeeeeaaal grind starts, because I don't think I'll get the chance any other time =P

(By the way, the website will be located at www.littleteacup.net) :)

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